50 age plus MMA division opens Courage Fighting

Courage Fighting Championships will have a specific 50yr. old and over "Senior MMA" Division with all weight classes structured as normal. I know i may get some negative feed back, and that's o.k. but, after years of promoting MMA, I have had several, several, older guys who want to fight in our shows. Many have approached me. So, the first 52 year old former boxer/local car dealer, is fighting for us June 27th at CFC 12. I see no reason not to give guys like this a chance, especially when they can meet all medical requirements. Jiujitsu, Judo, Wrestling, ect..all have implemented the Senior Division. I just see a lot of 50 plus guys watching MMA, and saying to themselves, "i can do that" So, after much thought, I want to give these guys a chance, who may never have had the chance to compete. We will also have Title Belts for each of their respective weight classes. For more information email CFC Event Coordinator Terry Smith terence.smith@hotmail.com or call the ticket hotline at 217-201-3295. thank you, Jason Reinhardt President/CEO www.couragefighting.com


Monter Ball. Poster?? LOL thanks again.

Scorpion, It means guys fifty years of age and over. Example. 50 years old, 51 years old, 52 years old, 53 years old, 54 years old, 55 years old, 56 years old, 57 years old, 58 years old, 59 years old, 60 years old, ect..Thought i would spell it out for you, so you can fully comprehend it. Is this better?

Awesome idea. When will the 70 plus division be ready?

ttt for first death in mma

Scorpion, I just wish i had the time as you do, to re-read, and correct everyones spelling. Must be a stress free life. LOL


Diaz, No way my friend. This is why we have great refs, and great Doctors on staff.

Scorpion. $25 bucs. Actually $25 to show, $25 to win. These old fuckers don't deserve anymore than this. $25 is stretching it. LOL take a joke Jack!!

Ya, like the old toughman days, "when guys actually paid to get the shit knocked out of em" Art Dore was a fool. And that's why he's not around anymore.

Awesome.  Now if depends will just come out with protective cup, I'm in!!! 

i think that is awesome!

Old Feller, Your in, if the car dealer wins!!! Your in for the belt, next CFC.

don't be a "no show" now, you old fucker! LOL

Vince McMahon vs Ric Flair

There we go! thank bro. You can't tell me the 52 year old doesn't mean business!! He's been training hard.

Monsters Ball, I have you on our guest list if you want. Thanks for your all your help. Jason Reinhardt

About 650 tickets pre-sold!! (before advertising) Advertising just started today. TV, Radio, Newspaper, posters, ect.. Going to be sold out. Anyone wanting tickets I would not wait. call 217-201-3295. Thank You, Jason Reinhardt

 I'm not worried about senior division fighters.  I'm more concerned about senior division ring girls.