50 Of The Worst Kids’ Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s That Should Never Come Back

This is a safe place for any of you elders to share your poor choice of hairstyle in your youth.


In 7th grade my twin buddies got a Boz (15) when he went to the Seahawks. It got quite the reaction


I went to school with his cousin in 10th grade.

Kid never shut up about him. Guess I can’t blame him, it was peak fame at the time.

In the late 1980’s in the Northeast TONS of girls did this:

It was funny when you’d fuck them and they’d keep saying “don’t mess up my hair!”

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This chick went to my school.

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#18 looks like a demon, theres evil spirits/ energy in that body.


I think the girl in the middle looks dope. Id definitely smash and make her a woman too.


There are some bad hair styles in that link, but the best one is the white Kid 'n Play

Do you think he was made fun of back then? I imagine he just couldnt pull it off and was laughed at till he cut it.

I had a bowl except in the back, it went to a curved v. Combined with a chain over my o’Neil turtleneck and zcavariccis, slayed the strange.


I didnthe shaved head but left the long bangs that would then get gelled back over the top.

When Vanilla Ice was popular I had a classmate that tried to do his shaved eyebrows like him but fucked it up and shaved a horizontal line instead of a vertical one. Fucking moron.

This kid got all the bitches

That kids hair is the least of his problems.

I rocked one of those for 4 years. I actually stopped because I swear it feels like it thinned my hair out a bit. I stopped rocking it barely 2 years ago and my hair actually seems to be recovering from it lolll it’s been weird.

Young Roy Nelson?

To see how far we’ve come where on this list would you put the modern 2021 so high n’ tight it’s a mohawk?

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