50" TV recommendations and Removing Amazon Fire Ads?

TV crapped out and picked up a VIZO (had 3 others that were fine) but it’s not so great. Have 15 days to return it and the Insignia Amazon Fire TV looks pretty good with great reviews, but I saw some people mention there are Ads on the TV.


Is this something you can turn off? I’m not buying a TV if I’m getting subtle Ads every time I turn on the damn thing.

Any other suggestions for a good 50" TV. These are two others I’m looking at:




Ads built in to the TV itself? As if streaming services and cable ads aren’t enough?? Fuck.

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Best I could find…

Thanks, thinking I might try that Samsung for $399 tomorrow

Yeah, go for Samsung over Vizio. Vizio is shit, they are targeted to a smaller budget audience, but they end up shitting out on you in one way or another soon enough. Not worth the headache in my opinion. Sometimes it’s better to spend a bit more for better quality.

Once upon a time, paying for premium media like cable and satellite tv and (I believe) radio meant no ads.


I’ve not seen the ads on the TVs, but the ‘Ads’ on the Fire TV kindles were actually usually cool. They are often discounts on new items, opportunities for buy x get a gift card, etc. Whenever I used to hear people complain about the ads, I thought it was odd, as it was like being a part of a special discount club more than intrusive adverts.

Again, not sure how that works on the TVs tho.

Thanks for the feedback.

Going to Best Buy tomorrow and will check out the Samsung and LG and Insignia Fire TV and buy one of them (probably the Samsung). Then compare it to the Vizio and return the worse one (or possibly both).

I love Best Buy, their 15 day return policy with no questions asked is awesome.

insignia at best buy have samsung parts and are cheaper. Just make sure it has the inputs you need.

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Ended up buying the Samsung 55" Series 7 for $449 from Best Buy. Much better picture overall compared to the Vizio. The sound is good, but there was some fucked up low end coming out of the speakers (like low shitty subwoofer honking). I adjusted the EQ and still couldn’t get rid of it, so I finally stuffed some foam in the port holes on the speakers and that seemed to kill it enough so that I don’t hear “Hmmmphhh” every so often when people are talking or there is a low end musical percussion or bass note.

Took a bit of adjusting for colors, black balance, tint, brightness and others to make it work on cable tv, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HDR…but seem to have found a nice balance after a few hours. I tried adjusting the Vizio for 5 days and still couldn’t get a good balanced picture, where as with the Samsung, I could quickly see that the TV was “good” right out of the box, and just needed a little tweaking. Also the viewing angle of the Samsung is MUCH better than the Vizio.

I loved my Vizio TV’s for the past 15 years, but it seems like their ship has sailed unfortunately compared to the competition (maybe their really expensive stuff is still good…but I’m not spending that much money on a TV).

Thanks for the feedback.

Bought a 60 inch 3D Vizio tv in 2013 (I own gravity and guardians of the galaxy lol…looks great but yea…). The TV is fucking fantastic. Couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. Sure I went with Vizio due to cost but I couldn’t justify the extra cost of samsung at the time. Like 700 more for what appeared just as good based off reviews and complaints at the time for both. A few years later I didn’t even hesitate and bout a 55 inch for 500 bucks for my bedroom and I still can’t complain. Everything looks fantastic and works fine.

The only thing Vizio product that I got that doesn’t work now is the soundbar for my living room TV but my “bull in a China shop” dog knocked it down a bunch of times so I can’t really fault Vizio there.

Aside from my car and truck before it, never been happier with a purchase.

I think Amazon lets you pay a fee to remove the ads.

Use a home router like 7800 install CFW ,Adguard home,and ads are gone on a devices at home. You can configure whitelist and blacklists.

Like I use this site so I whitelist it do I get all the cool ads.

I used one block list to block smart tv from google tv

I ordered this Optical to RCA converter to send the audio from the new Samsung to some speaker monitors I have. I don’t want a soundbar and have some nice BOSE desktop monitors that I’m not using, so that “should” solve the audio problem. Only $13 and better than having the sound kind of fucked up because of the so-so speakers on the Samsung.

Experiences vary. I bought a few vizios, two went to shit and just stopped working, one right after the other, within a few months, so after that I just gave up on vizio. Went with Samsung, haven’t had a problem since.

I’d agree to that. Just curious if you bothered with a warranty.

Also, I heard/read the same thing about every single tv brand when I was researching my first Vizio. Not trying to sell people on a particular brand of tv, get what you want. I just have had a great experience with my tvs and they’ve been going for many years now with no issues.

The Sony X950H is slightly smaller at 49" but it’s got superb video and audio, very well priced coming at $999 on BestBuy.

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Sony’s made tvs are quality but their software is the difference. It will be awhile before budget tv get there.

Had the Samsung for a few days and the picture is pretty good but the audio on the speaker is still fucked up. So I bought the $13 optical output to analog converter and that worked…BUT…I can’t control the fucking volume on it. So basically the Digital Output from the optical connector is a set volume that will not change regardless if you have if setup to be a variable output device. Now if I buy a $100 sound bar or something, THEN I can try to connect it via the optical and control it, but now I’m spending another $100 on something just to improve a so so TV.

The next “step” up seems to be OLED’s which are all $1200-$2000. It seems impossible to find a solid fucking new TV for $500-750 that has a good picture and good speakers.

I might try Insignia Fire TV listed above, at least that has a headphone output jack that I can use on powered speakers that should work correctly (unlike the Samsung). Other option is the LG, but that doesn’t have any audio outputs besides digital as well. At least Best Buy is cool with returns and refunds.

OK looks like this might be the winner to get tonight: Hisense - 55" Class H8G Quantum Series LED 4K UHD Smart Android TV - $529