50" TV recommendations and Removing Amazon Fire Ads?

Well in the past 2 weeks I have bought 3 different tv’s from Best Buy and the 55" Hisense H8G ($590 after tax) is definitely the best. Only took me an hour to get a good setting for cable news, sports, Netflix and Amazon (Vizio took 5 days with not great results and Samsung took 3 days with shit audio). So I think I’m finally good with my TV purchase.

TV is pretty good, but the speaker output wasn’t super great so I bought a Insignia sound bar…that was even worse…took that back today and got a Vizio 2.0 soundbar for $89 and it looks to be a good combo with the TV.

I think next time I’ll save the hassle (3 tv’s & 2 soundbars) and buy a $1500 OLED with good built in speakers.