Iraq war price tag will soon top $500 billion.

"The bitter fight over the latest Iraq spending bill has all but obscured a sobering fact:

The war will soon cost more than $500 billion!

That's about ten times more than the Bush administration anticipated before the war started four years ago, and no one can predict how high the tab will go."


And you'll owe 500 Billion USD in reperations, assuming there was no WMD, and that so many civilians were killed and considered collateral damage. the whole prison camp thing will always haunt you.

Thankfully the US didn't have the kajones to sign up to the World Court, or you'd certainly be screwed (officially).


The question is who made the most money out of that 500 Billion...


"Thankfully the US didn't have the kajones to sign up to the World Court, or you'd certainly be screwed (officially)."

lol @ you. you've no idea what you're talking about.

sorry joe

i know you do know what you are talking about though.

it is great knowing that you know what i don't know.

thankfully i know now.

knowing is better than not i guess.

still, i bet you that if the geneva convention was not brought to fruition back in it's day, the US would not sign up now, nor would it sign on to the UN declaration of human rights.

defense mechanisms: US or a psych patient, which is healthier?

you have too many certain opinions. and too few actual facts.

those two things are related.

if you had facts, you might (might) have the same opinions. but they would have some value.

I'll bet AT LEAST 250 billion of it is unaccountable for. The good 'ole taxdollar at work.

war makes more millionaires than any other industry.

what are the fact joe?

what am i missing?

Iran says a word about "defense" and it is utter aggression.

USA invades in the name of "defense" and it is sublime.

Muslims are pissed about holding your piss-bucket while you extract and consume their oil, and then you turn around and produce the lion's share of pollution.

Americans live in the nation which produces the most weapons of mass destruction on the planet, and tells everyone they are the carriers of peace.

American government is growing the idea of government secrecy to "protect freedom and liberty".

Nations that use democracy to enact the will of the people are considered "Commies".

USA is the largest consumer of Venuzuala's oil, and it loves Nigeria's national product, yet tells the world to take the moral high-ground.

It is one giant hypocrisy, and you should just stand on your soap box at wall mart and tell us to Support hte President. Yet I don't think he works for you. He works for lobbyists.

"I'll bet AT LEAST 250 billion of it is unaccountable for. The good 'ole taxdollar at work."

There was an article a while ago about Congress discovering that 2 billion in cash was sent on FUCKING BOATS to Iraq and SHOVELED at contractors. They have no record of who got it and what they did with it.

2 billion. That is fucking TONS of green bills shipped over there.

This whole was was a ploy to decrease govenrmental oversight.  Grant more power to goverment and milk the US for a ton of cash.  Mission accomplished. 

Where else can you get a client to spend 500 BILLION Dollars on a service that they don't need.  That service is war.  That client, the US.

cyberslinger has Dutch East India Trade Company'd the correct.