53% of Canadians on the brink of insolvency

Who knows maybe he is wrong. Regardless, all of this money printing and deficit welfare spending in response to covid is going to fall onto the shoulders of our kids, but before that, anyone in Kanada who makes any money at all or owns any property is about to get the utter shit taxed out of them to make up for this and for the decimation of commercial tax revenue payable to the govt. We are fucked.

Im one of the most patriotic canucks youll ever meet. Love the people and the way of life (Im an outdoorsman). I fucking hate this country now. I would love to leave but I cant (right now). If I could, Id be in Texas or Montana in a flash.


I’m getting a Portuguese passport.

The taxes are ridiculously low. Country is cheap, they encourage businesses. They even give you a 10 year tax break.

My sister just told me last week she thinks she is doing this.

I feel the exact same way as you.

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christ thats terrible

Been tapped out on Canada.

Maybe it’s different away from Vancouver but even if it is it’s still too cold.
When certain promises are fulfilled…
I’m fuckin gone


You would think the multiple ethics violations would be political suicide…but in Canada, nice socks and dreamy, trumps ethics…


People have to stop voting for Trudeau, fer cryin’ out loud!

How teh f*ck does he keep getting away with this cr@p?

Well, f*ck that entitled, elitist punk.

I’m not leaving Canada because of him.

Bring it on, you silver spoon, trust fund, @$$hole!

I’ll fight you and your dead pappy…at the same time!

Trudeau is going to tax anything moving to pay for all this, and it’s not just this. He was blowing hundreds of billions of dollars BEFORE covid and no one was stopping him.

i imagine its hard for an average Canuck to compete with all of the new Chinese millionaires our outsourcing has created in the real estate market

foreign investment in real estate should be ended in all western nations.


worst part is trudeau will win again

Got d@mn it…

*goes away and wrecks stuff

I hear you.

Smith River mt

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It’s same around the world.

greg its far worse then that. They have turned thier real estate market into an international money laundering racket. Vancouver for instance is all about corrupt chinese officials running one step ahead of the law to hide their money into vancouver real estate while actual canadians are homeless from inflated housing costs and undercut wages from imported 3rd world workers.

Overall Canadians are awesome but there is NO SHORTAGE of retards up there to be sure. America will pay and has paid a very heavy price tag for corrupt globalisation. But take that price tag and ad at least 50% to what Canada will pay. If there is even a Canada in 30 years I would be shocked. Austro Hungarian Habsburg multicultural nightmare that will end up like all “multiculturalism”, 90’s Yugoslavia.

I’m saying this in the form of tough love. I love Canada and Canadians, the fishing and people are awesome. Its very sad whats been done to that country :frowning:

before the canadians jump on me. I’m NOT attacking Canadians I’m attacking what has been done to that country. I would not fish up there so often if I didn’t love the place and its people. its called hard truths and tough love.