53 years of sexiness in this thread

Year: 1964

Model: Babette March

Year: 1965

Model: Sue Peterson

Year: 1966

Model: Sunny Bippus

Year: 1967

Model: Marilyn Tindall

Would bang both, would date neither. 

Year: 1968

Model: Turia Mau

Year: 1969

Model: Jamee Becker


Year: 1970

Model: Cheryl Tiegs

Year: 1971

Model: Tannia Rubiano

Year: 1972

Model: Shelia Roscoe


Year: 1973

Model: Dayle Haddon

Year: 1974

Model: Ann Simonton

Year: 1975

Model: Cheryl Tiegs

Year: 1976

Models: Yvette and Yvonne Sylvander

Year: 1977

Model: Lena Kansbod

Year: 1978

Model: Maria João

Year: 1979

Model: Christie Brinkley

Year: 1980

Model: Christie Brinkley