58 blues

I got my mage from 52-58 in no time....but now @ 58 I can't seem to get in any groups....anyone else notice this? I know when I hit 60 I will have no problems, and even at 57 I was getting lots of invites but 58 has been a dead end so far....grrr...sucks cause I am sick a questing and would like to get to 60 with some instance runs but no luck so far :(

cool...thanks....i never even thought of Deadwind Pass :)

grinding may be the key for me....I really just want to get to 60! tired of questing.

i know how u feel... i just hit 59 last night!

i am halfway to 60 and won't be able to play again

until next sunday. so i'll have full rest to 60!

good luck!

Just dinged 59 tonight, I'll check out deadwind pass next time I'm on.

dinged 59 last night! Dlondo i don't care what others say about you, your advice was spot on! those ogres in Deadwind was the best grind I ever had...last night grinded from 98000exp to 202000 exp. I was 2-shotting those ogres. Moving on to the undead down the path when I play next

What about a good place for lv.55?
I have done the quests that I can do at Winterspring,and now I need a good place to quest and grind.
Especially since it is harder to find groups for instances on my server.(still low level population)

Deadwind pass mobs also drop lot of runecloth and some greens so its nice to grind those also there. Too bad bots have found this place too.

i am very impressed with the grinding and drops in deadwind pass. Those purple ghosts are great, but you have to watch the blue ones....they come out of nowhere blazing arcane missles which tore through my mage last night. I survived, but was a little more cuatious next time..lol

crazyfoo...i am not sure what happened to our server again. 3-4 weeks ago it was up to 9900 peeps and now it is back down to 6500. Actually alot of servers are dropping....my old server Stormreaver went from 12000 to about 7500 and Azshara is down to like 5200. I am thinking of maybe transferring to Kel Thuzzad. It is an older server like frostwolf and has good balance.