5days to my title fight


April 29th I get a shot at the amateur Light Heavyweight title for Elite Cage Fighting,
Indianapolis, IN at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

If you live in or around Indy, come show a UG brotha! some support. Or boo. Just show up.


Good luck Swamp.


rules, same as UFC.

Good luck !!


Good luck.


"swamp, you bear an uncanny resemblence to derrick noble. "

are you hitting on me b/c of my tshirt design? I'm not gay, I"M NOT GAY.

Not Gay?  *scratches head*

You no longer have my support, you tease! 

haha, i can't quit you Ben.

I'll be there.

Good luck mang.

good luck.

why no green name?

fabes, are you going to be there with Noel?
tell him I said good luck.

good luck

Good luck SwampRocker!!

thx Joe. thx momita.

Good luck!

"fabes, are you going to be there with Noel? tell him I said good luck."

yes sir. i will.

see ya soon!

I can't quit you either.... I take it back.

*Runs through town swinging the SWAMPROCKER flag* 

SwampRocker is good peeps.

Even if he does like that Johnny Cash feller.

Good luck Swamp, best wishes.

Geese Jones

thanks Geese.

LOL @ fabes.