5k motivation...

Im running a 5k next weekend, def not in the right shape but it's for the kids (charity thing). But i need some motivation and I making a run mix for the ipod so some good suggestions in that department would be great.

Fine, i dont even want your suggestions anymore. But you should still put some up for other people, not me, cause i dont want them, but other people.

The entire Rocky Sountrack. Its greeeeat

Bobaflex Warriors

Dude, its 5K.
Its a 22-25 minute run, enjoy the scenery and in your head try to organize everything you want to get done this weekend rather than think about that you are running. You'll be at the finish line before you know it.

mtg, i cant run a 5k in a minute man

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'm gonna go hit the track but keep em coming. What's the main Rocky theme called, I could probably just search Rocky theme song but I'm lazy.

I'm running the Chicago marathon this Sunday and I just ran for the first time this summer two weeks ago (I've had broken toes / foot).  If I can do it, I think you can too.  I'm carbing up today, it's awesome.  A whole box of Fruit Pebbles for breakfast.  Mmmmmm