5yo dies after being left in hot car in Houston

is it common for 5 year olds to be in car seats these days? it says he knew how to get out tho too…

i guess maybe he fell asleep during the ride then never woke up? or was already in trouble when he did wake up and couldnt manage the seat buckle?

sad :frowning: RIP

Horrible. RIP.



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I don’t know how you can live with yourself after something like that.


Could not imagine how she must be feeling but seeing as though she does not have enough common sense to not leave a child unattended in a car. I hope they throw the proverbial book at her.

Some new vehicles come with a reminder to check the back seat for kids

Crazy to me that is needed


Poor kid. RIP

And yeah, my 5 year old is still in a car seat. I can’t forget him anywhere though since he never shuts the fuck up :blush:


RIP to the child

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This is where i live and it is HOT AS FUCK outside. In the middle of the day it’s hard to breathe in it, and we’ve had heat advisories left and right.

Even though it’s very believable this could happen, im sure nobody thinks it could happen to them. Heartbreaking.

RIP little guy…


Fuck- so sad. The parent must be a mess. Not sure how you cope in that situation.

Who gives a shit about the mother. She did it. Poor kid, never had a chance with that retarded mother.

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The weight requirements for child seats is wild. I remember coaching youth football and some of the kids were below the limit.


It’s easy to think this, but if I were to guess i bet that mom has friends and family that are surprised speechless. She very well could have been a loving mother. I don’t know for sure, just sayin. This is an example of how a simple mistake of not checking on your kid can turn unfathomably tragic.

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There are no words.

As a father, not in a million fucking years would I forget my kid. It’s preposterous.


No, no, no. I’m sorry, you’re wrong.

It’s not a simple mistake. Her kid is dead because his mother neglected his most basic primal needs.


Might be a woman thing. Shit for brains.

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She didn’t wonder where he was for 3 hours? If my kid is quiet for 5 minutes I assume he’s juggling swords.


She was busy checking Facebook for “ likes”

No shit. Criminal negligence.

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I guess i tried to sympathize, but yeah you’re right. She is the reason he’s dead and that’s the highest form of neglect.