5yo dies after being left in hot car in Houston

Sadly, in todays world, you have to wait for the cops to check phones and browser histories before you can know for sure how to feel about the parent who did it.

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You were right in the sense that it sounds like it wasn’t intentional and it was a mistake… but i don’t think it’s a mistake that a reasonable person would make.

I wouldn’t doubt it if it comes out she was drunk or on pills.

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I could go for that

3 hours goes by REALLY FAST if you’re on narcotic uppers.

Edit: not saying that’s what happened, but it’s a possibility Jamie666 pointed out.

This. That poor child. Charges should definitely be laid against the mother. That is clear negligence.

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Unfortunately this happens multiple times every summer her. A women on my team at work, a relative locked her 2 kids in the car and basically cooked them to death and told police she accidently left them in the car. Luckily they didn’t fall fur the bs and charged her with 2 counts of murder.



You don’t hear them or see them, they’re doing something they shouldn’t be or have left.

Probably was a really bad kid that’s why she left him in the car seat

Insane that someone would want to do that. Incomprehensible.

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Typical houston parent.

If you don’t check on a 5 year old for 2-3 hours you’re not a loving mother, you’re fucking scum. Hope she gets life in prison, or better still, just leave her in a car on a hot day


Put her in the box.

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Or in a locked car for 3 hours in the hot texas sun

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Same bro. It’s inexcusable and her daughter should be taken away

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I used that line in the Army a few times being a smart ass at the wrong time or as a fuck you to shit bag new e-5s. I was in really good shape haha

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I had my son very young, but me forgetting him in the car wasn’t something that could happen.

I forget the specifics on why she did it but that is absolutely hot to kill you kids that way.


How in the fuck does a parent with a 5 year old go into their house for 10 minutes, let alone HOURS before realizing they haven’t seen or interacted with their child? What the fuck?