6’4” beside 6’4”

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Is it me or do they both have HGH gut?

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Jon is such an underachiever…

He made Dom look good and he hasn’t looked good since.

Half-ass Jon better not show up to a heavyweight fight.


He must be wearing three inch heels.

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Cant believe Jones is wasting the tail end of his career like this.
By the time he fights he’s going to have sat out over a contract dispute for longer than any of his drug suspensions kept him out.


Yep. Bad career move. I think he just wants out. He won’t breech his contract but wait until Dana gives him the boot.

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6’3" beside 6’5"



I can remember as far back as high school football, even on that level, numbers were grossly exaggerated. Height, weight… coaches sometimes wrote it down fake themselves. Seen a guy do a prank with a weight and the assistant was like “we’re marking that anyway.”

At this point, I just assume most professional sports use WWE style numbers.

Shane actually had to cut height per comment rules about how Big and Bad you are actually allowed to be.

Hes down 5 inches there brah hes 6 9 in off season


In the 80s/90s NBA guys lied about their height to seem taller.
In the 2000/2010s NBA guys lied about their height to seem shorter.

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Too many great fights have been cancelled cause someone couldn’t make height.


He no longer has his Pico grams.

Truthfully its mainly the shorter fighters who are not their actually listed height. MM was not even 5ft tall when I saw him.


Jones does, but not Reyes; It’s called Photoshop. Below is the source image:

Jones is a legit 6 4,

lol no. Reyes always looks dumpy. Skinny legs and ass, beer gut, winging shoulders. Slick boxing tho, I’d like to see him get back on track. A loser leaves town match with Santos makes a lot of sense, both on 3 fight skids after Boner Jones made them look good.