6 Degrees of Jeremy Horn

It's a fun ass game to play on Sherdog. Pick a random fighter using the Fight Finder and then navigate your way to Jeremy Horn. You can trace almost everyone to him.

Sorry, I was bored out of my mind.

I think you could get ANYBODY to Horn in six degrees.

I like it.

the guy has had a billion fights.


I love this game. I always play it when I'm on Sherdog's fightfinder.

Good excercise for my MMA memory :-)

Connect Mike Brown to Jeremy Horn.

I know JHR who knows Horn.


brown, sudo, marquardt, takase, HORN

fulton is harder to do it with because he fights almost all heavyweight

Mike Brown to
Hermes Franca to
Caol Uno to
Fabiano Iha to
Laverne Clark to
Shonie Carter to
Ronald Jhun to
Eugene Jackson to

Jeremy Horn!!!!

I did it in 8!

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brown, sudo, marquardt, takase, HORN


someone do me!

horn and lidell?

horn fought frank shammy, shammy fought tito, tito fought lidell

are you mental?

or does it HAVE to be 6 degrees?

coach was being sarcastic, genius

6 or less

horn choked out liddell

I fought Bone Sayavongsa

Bone fought Robbie Newman

Robbie fought Joe Doerkson

Joe fought Eugene Jackson

Eugene fought Horn!!!!!

Kyle Brady, Danny Cooper, Aristides Britto, Riley McIlhon, Travis Fulton, Jeremy Horn.

Cool post.

wow thats two of them linking me to Jeremy Horn