6 episodes left who going out first

I got a feeling todd kills jesse hank kills the lawyer and skylars sister kills walt Phone Post

The lawyer definitely lives. They've already tipped their hand that they are thinking of a show to continue on with that character. So he isn't on the chopping block.

I think Walt ends up taking out Hank or Marie. He was offended at Saul's suggestion that he take care of Hank in that way. And he said never family, but his whole arc has been a series of him resorting to actions that he didn't think he was capable of out of desperation to save himself.

Nobody's killing Walt. The only way this show ends is with his whole family dead as a direct result of his cooking - he has to lose everything he loves.

First to go, I think, will be Hank. Phone Post 3.0

Jesse goes first.

I don't think I could watch a Saul spinoff. I like him in the show but I couldn't handle a full series with him starting. Phone Post 3.0

Starring* Phone Post 3.0

I guess the neo nazi gang that he was involved with will be the final bad guys (obviously the writers can't let let anyone with a nazi tattoo come out of the show looking ok)

So they will come after Walt and someone will get killed in the exchange, maybe skylar or his son, or both. Probably not the baby, bad form killing babies on tv. This will re-unite him with Hank to fight a bigger common enemy. In the flash forwards Walt appears heavily armed and on the warpath, wants revenge on someone clearly.

Hank and his bird keep the baby at the end and possibly the cash.

Skylars pussy smell kills everyone except Todd . Todd digs the smell and marries skylar and they dig up the money and move to Belize together Phone Post 3.0