6 foot social distancing is made up BS as well


Yeah but can we keep it? No one needs to ever get closer than 6 ft to me in a store


Whats next plexiglass dividers bullshit as well.

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Like masks it is pandemic theater. Without this how would we know a deadly virus is ravaging your communitu_?


I do think masks keep people from sneezing on each other and should slow down the flu and possibly covid transmission. Other than that, they don’t seem to do much.

Covid is strange, if it was that contagious then every employee at Kroger or Walmart should be dead by now


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Yeah I just cant quite put my finger on it.

Flight attendants also

A statement like that would get you banned from social media accounts…


I may post that and find out

Oh, I believe its contagious and deadly to few, harmful to some and plain meh to most. To mask and vax everyone by force? No. Especially when theres no recourse for big pharma/govt.

6 Feet social distancing was alright by me. We need to stop cramming people into tiny spaces.

Masks work if everyone is using them. That is not theater even if it is an inconvenience to you and a waste of all that time and money mommy and daddy spent on your braces.

Kitchen workers, restaurant staff, and meat packers who work in close quarters (less than 6 feet apart) had some of the highest mortality rates. Rarely do I see folks in stores working next to each other for more than a few moments.

it has become clear that people on the right and the left are both retarded when it comes to public health, but in different ways. consider when this guideline came out. a new pandemic, and airborne respiratory virus that kills people. the fear, which has been realized, is that it could kill hundreds of thousands of americans. maybe a million by the time it is done. obviously, clear messaging is important to educate citizens. and, just as obviously, at the time, there was not enough data to have confidence in the number of feet. that may not even exist now. the important thing though is to keep distance. and a uniform number of feet is going to be more effective messaging than “you guys, stay away from other people”.

the issue is that the “real”, science based physical distancing should continue to be studied and revised and shared when known. trumptard types (like those found on the OG) seem to react to this as a reason to not trust or believe anything, which is retarded. but, this type of thinking is why they are trumptards in the first place. and left wing people latch on to prior guidelines as virtue that they want to proudly display and brag about and shame others who aren’t as virtuous. and any revision is seem as becoming like the trumptards who don’t give a shit about any of this. this is why you occasionally see people wearing masks while outside or driving or whatever.

Shut the fuck up orcus.


6’ social distancing and wear a mask…

…until you sit down in a restaurant, at which time you can remove your mask because all is safe.


Okay that’s fine to have given guidance on social distancing, mask wearing, whatever else… when there was no scientific basis for it.

But it’s new… there is no science, there is just guessing… so why is the messaging “trust the science” when that’s not what it is.

Why isn’t the messaging… “we don’t know yet but lets act in an abundance of caution while we confirm out suspicions with high quality studies aka Science”

of course there is scientific basis for physical distancing. lol. it is an airborne respiratory virus. do you really think there is no difference in transmission if you are 1 foot away from an infected person or 20 feet?

I want 12 ft social distancing tbh. That would kill all ability to make small talk which is fine by me