6 New Stitches for XMAS!!!

Hey Everybody

As I sit here admiring yet another facial scar with 6 stiches and a black eye I ponder Saturday night's fight. That for me in my short career was the best fight Ive ever been in. Thierry "The Surgeon" Quennville operated on me with a precision right elbow and some great takedowns and Ground and Pound from the half guard. His top game and size and strength was awesome and Im proud to have done so good against someone whose career Ive followed closely. Great fights and wars bring out the best in both opponents and he brought the best out in me.

Total love and thanks gotta go to the best cornermen Ive ever had, Ben Mierles and Wade Shanley of Ronin's MMA. Never was I so confident going to the ring for a fight, Wade Shanley spent 2 days with me calming me down and tell me I belonged there.

Ben Mierles, what can I say more, without your support I couldnt fight plain and simple. Im sorry I only got 1 sweep on him but all the rest of your knowledge paid off and I suffered very little damage on the ground in 15 minutes. Ben has been there to offer encouragement and support for every fight and I know that I'll never fight without you in my corner again. Nick Denis, Stephan Lamarche, Ryan Kellar and everyone who beat me up during Bloquao Monday nights. I'll be there in a week.

Thanks to the Queens wrestling team, specifically Marcuss Nieman, Justin and Albert Cheng for teaching me how to sprawl. Thanks Albert for running the stairs with me, my cardio was so strong I felt awesome.

Thanks always to my Wednesday night students at Gladiators for allowing me to do endless monotonous drilling of guard and 1/2 guard, it certainly paid off.

Big Hugs and Thanks to Scott Arnold and Mark Cleary for teaching me to throw elbows from the guard. A little more time in the 1st round and maybe I'd be celebrating a win but I improved a 1000% since my last fight, I'll be in your corner Dec 31st in RITC.

Merry xmas all and thanks everyone who emailed me or MSN'd me good luck and best wishes, I hope to see everyone on the mats in 2007.

TTYL, Greg Compton


u the man compton


Greg I heard you fought your heart out like you always do. It hard to train the heart and nobody can take away the one you have . Keep up the great work man!

Greg man, all i've heard were good things about this fight. You made everyone proud at Ronin.

Keep up the good work, can't wait to seeya in the ring again.


sounds like you had fun

heard it was a hell of a fight, congratulations on such a good performance against such a talented fighter greg.


Good job Greg!

Greg you fought a great fight and we are all proud of you!


Ronin MMA

Heard it was the fight of the night, congrats Compton!



Hey brother,

You are the men!!! You are a fighter!!!

I am very proud of you.

Ben Meireles


congratulations mr compton , you are always the gentlemen . good luck to you and all your friends in the future .

p.s do not unwrap that cristmas present .( keep the reciept and return it)

Compton is a real tough fighter and hopefully we can get him on an APEX card when he's all healed up. If he was healthy coming off his last fight, he would have been in our cage in January.

Looking forward to you in the APEX cage/ring in the future! Happy Holidays!

look at it this way, can't get much uglier :-)

MERRY XMAS! lol j/k, heal up and hope to see you back training soon