6 week strength plan

I am looking for some opinions on a plan to increase the overall strength of an athlete over 6 weeks. I would like to increase thier strength without gaining much weight. What types of exercise would you recommend or better yet please give an example of a routine. Would you incude plyometrics, weights,etc?

thread on increasing strenght without gaining weight:


this thread stresses specifity. neural adaptations apparently seem to have little carry over to other activities, meaning that even if you increase particular lifts by training maximally, that might have little effect when doing a punch, suplex, or upa. in this case it appears either getting bigger or training the specific movement is the key. since getting bigger is not preferred, stress specifity.


Geoff Langdale's thread on the importance of specificity:


regarding the above discussions:


a workout:


ttt... although the links i posted are useful, i don't think they address the posted question totally specifically.

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To get stronger without getting bigger the party line is that you should lift heavy for a few short sets, frequently, never to failure. Pavels Power to the People routine is designed with this goal and prescribes something like 3x3 deadlifts and sidepresses with your 5rm every day or almost every day.

My opinion is that you should be lifting heavy for at least some of your sets and eating enough to maintain your current weight. Use compound movements like bench, deadlifts, squats, chins, etc. Work hard, and then give yourself time to recover. There are lots of routines that fit within those parameters, and all of them are likely to work.


Thanks guys for the info.