6 year old shot and killed in road rage incident

Guy looks like he could have been a mass shooter at some point.

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so they did hit the woman with accessory after the fact and a concealed weapon charge, one place called it “carrying a concealed weapon” and another said “concealing a weapon in the car” - sounds like after the shooting she participated in getting rid of or hiding the gun.


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At least one of them has remorse in their eyes.

which one ?

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Possibly but my suspicion is she did not cooperate and they are tacking on any charges they can to put pressure on her. She was driving, there was a firearm concealed in the car, she’s responsible. It’s pretty thin but it gives them leverage to get her to cooperate as a witness against him. They’d otherwise need evidence she concealed the weapon on her person. The charge is likely CPC 25400 - possession of a concealed firearm in public or a vehicle.


The mom said the boys last words were, “Mommy my tummy hurts”. In a just world both pieces of shit would be swiftly and publicly executed. RIP little man.

more info, they claim they didnt know about the boy dying for a week, and in that time this shithead had another incident where he brandished his gun at another driver;