60 minutes - Chinese Ghost Cities

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InqAzvX6UrI interesting video report on China and their ghost cities inspired by a MiddleEasy article earlier on today about a Chinese MMA fighter.

This is pretty nuts! Should I no longer worry about having to learn Cantonese/Mandarin?

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Vice did a great one too.

yeah Vice' was great. Remembered that I haven't seen it earlier and posted it. I just like this one a bit more because it doesn't have some of the superfluous stuff that Vice throws in there, IMO.

Thanks CD!!!

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bump just in case anyone else is into this sort of stuff :)

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some sick photos


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Having more resources than a central government knows how to squander must be a real problem. Phone Post 3.0

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3 1/2 month old segment.  No one watches 60 minutes? 

rarely watch TV unfortunately. 60 minutes does good stories, though. I like how they are more thorough and to the point than some VICE garbage.

Wow, amazing. Some of those ghost citys were well maintained.


But none of it makes sense. Unless these cities are free for the taking, NOBODY is going to buy any property there.


Something is up. The Chinese government can't be this retarded.

really? You think they can't be that retarded? hehe

awesome video

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