$60 Paypay for $50 PS?

Anyone want an instant 20% ROI for transfering your $50 Pokerstars for my $60 Paypal?

let me know, I'm bored on Easter.

Sorry, I don't have any money in there. Also it's Monday so WTF?

Ok I've got $65.43 in my paypal account now, if you want a quick free $15 hook me up. I'm bored and drinking on a Saturday night.

EDIT: (drunken post)

Wow I send a Soundground forum brother a $400 guitar for $60 (loss of $340 for me) and no one on the Pokerground can send me $50 Poker Stars for $65 Pay Pal?


I'll stick to the other forums I guess. Good luck grinding away the online tables.

EDIT: (end drunken post)

I'd do it for you if I had any money on Pokerstars. I'm over on absolutepoker.

That's cool. Sorry, I was drunk and stupid last night. I guess that's why I've never turned into a winning poker player.

Seriously, good luck to you guys at the tables.

Do you still need the $50 ?

leave your email dude

Nah it's probably better I don't. I'll take this as a sign not to get back playing.

Thanks though.

If you still want to I'll give you $125 Pay Pal for $100 Poker Stars.

Post if you want it.

Sorry man, I've never played at PS so I can't help you out, but thanks for pointing out the SoundGround, I never knew that forum was here and I'll totally be lurking over there a lot now that I know of it. Thanks

I'm on PS, I can do this, but how do I do it?

On the main Poker Stars page you go up to:



Transfer Funds...

then you enter

Transfer $:  $100

Player ID:  vindikation

It will then transfer that amount from your account to my account. It looks like the transfer needs to go through support and approval there. It used to be an instant change, maybe they won't do it for American players.

If it goes through, then I'll just do a personal transfer over to your Pay Pal address for $125.


OK, done deal

Hello markpal,

We have transferred $100.00 from your account to 'vindikation' as per your request.

Good luck to you both.


PokerStars Cashier

Awesome got it.


What Pay Pal address do you want me to send you the money to?

I'll send you $130, thanks man. If for some reason it doesn't work I'll send you back the $100 on Poker Stars. I won't use any of the money you sent me until you get the $130 from Pay Pal.

Thanks again.

paypal to


thanks dude

Just sent you $130 via Pay Pal. Let me know that you got it bro, thanks.

Got it jman, thanks

what games do you play on PS?

I used to play the Sit n Go's. Everything from $3 to $27 and also play the NL ring games $0.02 to $0.10.

I'm just playing for fun. I'm a breakeven player (poker IQ of 102). I dont win much usually because I only play when I've been drinking, cheaper than driving to a casino.

Thanks again.


You're welcome