61 year old woman in MMA fight....

Wasn't much of a fight though....



 so, who thought that was a good idea?


 They were in the weirdest looking kitchen I've ever seen... 

Radio Raheem -  They were in the weirdest looking kitchen I've ever seen... 

My good sir, I believe you are correct.

Thick, solid, tight. Phone Post

KevinMcAllister -  

Perfect lol! Phone Post

At least her opponent was kind enough to allow her to wear a belly pad/chest protector.

Wtf? Phone Post


Royalt239 - why?

^ Phone Post

id love to fight her.

and she'd still kick the shit out of 90% of the UG!

If my mom started cage fighting I'd just have to kill myself :D

RicoVelasquez -
KevinMcAllister -  

Why the Pete Rose pic?
Does one of them look like him?
I don't want to see the vid because if it's true than that's pretty fucked up. I would not let my nana fight. Phone Post

. Phone Post

What did Gma train in? Really... She threw the strangest punches I've seen, and then sorta did know how to stop a single leg, got side controlled, and gave up arm bar...

Maybe she is an old tae kwon do champ. No disrespect I'm serious Phone Post

Wtf is this shit? Phone Post

Very cool she would step in there.

It was not immediately clear however if she even knew how to tap.