63 yr-old woman DLs 275

Her site

Very impressive!!


"Am I crazy or just some sick asshole for thinking she's hot?"

old chicks that take care of themselves are hot.

hugojkd, you're not sick, I want to have a threesome with her and this woman who I posted about before.

Correction to this thread title: she's now up to 298!

havent posted on the S&C forum since the other topic i see. Where i posted i would do her.

Very inspiring and humbling

She's now up to 375 in her DL! With a 339# squat!

ehh only a 33 yr age difference not bad

lol @ 64 year old women putting on muscle like that naturally.

wow she looks nice for 63 whew..

at 50 she mustve been slamming HOT tho


You can actually see what she looked like at 50 here: