6'4" small for heavyweight boxer?

Is it?

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

If the guy is 6'4" and weighs 198lbs, then i'd say yes, he is too small for a heavyweight boxer.

height wise its above average or close to it.

I was under the impression that heavyweight boxers were 200+ lbs.

The guy you mentioned would be a cruiserweight, flip.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

Tyson's 5'10-5'11 and cleaned house in the HW division.

Im not exactly sure, but I think 176-197 is cruiserweight. And 198 to 265 is Heavyweight. Over 265 is Super Heavyweight.

Do they even televise super-heavyweight fights anymore? I don't think I've seen one, like, ever.

Let's say the dude we're talking about is 6'4" and around 240 lbs.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar


Light heavyweight is 175 lbs. Cruiserweight is 190 lbs. Heavyweight is anything above 190 lbs. There is no heavyweight maximum.

Ryan breaks it down.

Cool. I'm 6'4" and 20 years old. Here's hoping I grow another inch before I'm done.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

Adam, why do you want to box? Do you aspire to compete and make something of yourself?

I'd say you're a little above averge in height and weight of today's HW boxers. As long as that's a decently lean and in shape 240, that is.

Why are you trolling Bird?

Sure, why not? I'm a good athlete. I have a strong work ethic. Anything is possible as long as you apply yourself diligently.

Big Bird, where is this venom coming from? I have done nothing to you. Our relationship, as far as I know, has been amicable, bolstered by the errant AIM conversation in the past. Perhaps I am not on your level in boxing, but that by no means disqualifies me from at least trying it and seeing what I can accomplish.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

6'4" and 240.. at 20 years old?! Fack, I'm the same height, same age.. and I tip the scales at a staggering 165. I can't put on weight naturally, lifting and stuff helps me get alittle more defintion, but mass is hard for me to gain.. Been seriously thinking about doing a cycle to see how it feels.

6'4 is plenty tall enough for a HW, most guys above that height lose alot of coordination.. and a solid 240 would be ideal as well.

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Well, while I understand what you're saying Big Bird, I'd prefer to find that out for myself rather than cross it off of my list of options because I happen to be white and happen to live in a nice part of a rich state. Those are not things I control.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

bsrizpac, you've started boxing?

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar

that's some good size. Get out there and start boxing.

BTW, Big Bird, no disrespect on your contributions to the thread - I just want to try it for myself.

I will IM you the next time you're on and ask you all about it, however.

Adam from Conn, Winged Hussar