65.UFC.COM is now Live

UFC 65 Website

Not going to fall for it. I'll bet it's a link to a gay bjj site or something?

There's already a thread titled "Pride's new website", but it's not mma
PRIDE it's a gay pride site. =X

Ban sgavin. :)

Best UFC event site BY FAR. Sharply designed, and I'm so glad to see
all the bells and whistles gone (as it starts right off with the promo
piece). Actually gonna send it to friends...

However I do wish that fighters would be presented at their respective
heights to each other -- primarily for the sake of accuracy, but I also
think it makes envisioning the match ups more intriguing. Nothing at
all wrong with the classic tall guy vs short guy match-up, and it's not
like the balance of the composition can't be adjusted to have it look




First link is legit, my bad. didn't have the courage to try the 2nd one haha

RED, the company that designs those events sites always does a great job.

ttt for saucy


I'm not familiar with Myspace but I'll find out for you.

saucy has no myspace??????? WTF! lol


the UFC website is very very good looking. I just checked it out. Good stuff