6ft tree with lights at target for 30 bucks

My mom bought me box of bulbs!

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This thread is awesome! Hope you and the kids have a great Christmas! :heart:

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Boom, Christmas tree

Fake Fake Fake

Yea you gotta spruce that boy up. Can’t just have a bare tree, you gotta represent. Tell your mom to pick up a star next time she’s out and about.

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and garland, or start stringing some popcorn!

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I’d trade my over priced real tree for that one in a heart beat if it meant I could be divorced

I envy you, good deal


You can buy a riser for it so people think it’s not as cheap.

Grit, target can be the shit man. I got a 2 sleeves of 12 Kodiak protein flapjack cups for like 1.50 each. 24 breakfasts for like 36.00. score. Anytime I see shit like that, I’ll just clean out the shelf.

So these are protein bars? Chewing tobacco? Pancakes? Keurig coffees?

Those words seem like they don’t belong in the same sentence.

Confused Tv Land GIF by nobodies.

I find way fewer food markdown deals at Target, or anywhere these days. I remember buying like 20 boxes of protein bars at Target cause they’d mark them down like 40%. Or their fresh chicken would also go down almost half off a week before shelf date.

Walmart has a markdown freezer that comes up gold occasionally. Got 15 loaves of ezekial bread for a buck a loaf. 12 packs of Tina’s breakfast burritos for 3 bucks.

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These things are pretty legit. It’s a cup of what looks like oatmeal. Mix in some water, nuke for 60s. It’s like a coffee cup filled 2/3of the way up with a pancake.

12g protein, nothing bad for you. So weird fucker, I’ll give you that, but passes my taste test.

Petey, gotta look for that freezer. I like Walmart runs early am before the guns come out. Target is the opposite. I go right before close, it’s the quietest, but I make sure I’m carrying and ready. Target feels dangerous here. In and out. It’s sketch.

Walmart here is prob worse, but I don’t think I’ve ever been in that one last noontime.


lol. A lot of gunplay at department stores in your area? Walmart is gross, Target is annoying, never felt any danger at either of them. Had a stern conversation with some maintenance dude at Walmart once who was being a blatant dick and pissing off customers. I could tell he wanted to bow up on me, but he knew I’d beat his ass, lol.

Saw those “pancake cup” deals, never tried them. They are an odd concept. I bought a bunch of keto pancake mix on discount though. Hate dirtying pans so I just mix up the batter and nuke it in a plastic microwave omelette maker deal. Omelette shaped pancake. Probably the same concept.