6th AZGC (Laimon vs Escobar II)

6th Arizona Grappling Challenge

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Sub. Wrestling

Saturday,August 7th

Gi special match

Marc Laimon (Cobra Kai) vs Martin Escobar (Rey Diogo)

Laimon is undefeated in Arizona (7-0), his last gi match was against Christopher Leininger at the 2nd AZGC which he won by submission. Escobar will make his debut at the black belt division and he will try to revenge his loss against Laimon at the 4th AZGC.

Tournament Location:

At the new, bigger and improved Arizona Combat Sports

1753 E. Broadway Rd. (S.W. Corner of Broadway &McClintock) Tempe,AZ 85282

Fee: $35 (adult), $25 (kids), $45 (both divisions)

Information: (480) 517-1960 or gdjiujitsu@hotmail.com

More info will be available soon at www.gdjiujitsu.com

Weigh in:

Weigh-ins will take place on August 6th from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Arizona Combat Sports. Any competitors that miss the scheduled weight-ins may be allowed to do it at the event one hour between 8:00-9:00 am, as long as the athlete is pre-registered. THERE WILL BE NO LATE REGISTRATION AT THE DOOR. Refunds will be made only if does not have any other competitor in the bracket.


. Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

. Open Class Winners will receive kimonos.

. Awards for the Top Three Schools.

. Award for the Top School (Kids).

. Prizes for the Fastest Submission.

. T- Shirts for the first 100 pre-registered adult competitors

Marc will win...


useless.. at marc's weight(185?) who do you think would be his toughest challenge here in the states?

IMO dave terell, dean lister (assuming they were in the same weight class), and maybe david avellon.. maybe.

What do you think?

i think you are right.. and maybe travis lutter? if he fights at that weight.

there both studs should be a hell of a match...

Great match up!
TTT for ACS!

At about Laimon's size (200 pounds), I always figured the best in the US (or best match ups) would be Marc Laimon, Dean Lister, Dave Terrell, Ricardo Almedia, Travis Lutter and there would be some very exciting match ups. I'm willing to add David Avellan and Rener Gracie to that list as well. In Brazil you have Xande Riberio and Caccerrco (sp...I never get it right).

But the current reigning champ of the weight class? Someone who doesn't get nearly enough praise here: Jon Olav Einimo.

Still on any given day... I think this is (in grappling terms) the most talent stacked weight class out there.

This will be a great event!

This is going to be an interesting match. Martin lost pretty quick in their last meeting to a foot lock. But we'll have to see what happens the second time around with a gi on. Who knows what will happen until it happens!

Great. Marc has been building a great team and it's good to see him get back in there.




In a no-gi submission wrestling match, who would you pick between Laimon/Brennan?

"In a no-gi submission wrestling match, who would you pick between Laimon/Brennan?"

MArc would sit guard, sweep Brennan into half guard. brennan would go for a kimura, Marc would pass of this and go straight into an armlock.

1 min 25 secs into the match. Thats how the match would go.


uly...dont u mean thats how it WENT?? lol

bjj4life they already wrestled

Laimon is a bad ass all 3 of Lister vs Laimon were real good........I think Laimon is top 3 american BJJ guys...............I would have to say Dean is #1 though;)

Laimon has got to be proud how good yet very pink uly has gotten......

marc has actually scored more points on dean than dean has scored on him

Laimon vs. Escobar II. Who the fuck is this Martin guy he is supposed to be a brown belt, but got tapped in half a second due to ankle lock in his first meeting with Laimon. Laimon by left ankle lock this time with a new world record of point 4 seconds. Oh and if Martin is trying to say he is better with the gi forget it. Laimon is 10 times better and also has studied the secret art of Cobra Kai Ninjitsu heart stopping techniques. Martin- prepare to meet your maker.