6yo boy raped for months on school bus

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However, Monroe said she didn’t know about any sort of incident until last week when her son’s backpack went missing.

She told our sister station, ABC13 Eyewitness News, she called school transportation officials to ask them to review the security footage onboard the bus to see if they could tell what happened to the backpack.

“I would receive a call five hours later, asking me if I could come to the school and pick up my son, and there was an Aldine ISD officer that needed to speak to me,” she recalled.

“I get to the school and find out that my son was sexually assaulted. Days of questioning, days of talking to my child. The details became more and more graphic each and every time.”

“According to the investigator, the bus driver stopped the bus because she thought they were fighting on the back of the bus. But this mother’s child was fighting because he was being raped,” Quannell said.

That kid should be dragged by the bus for miles!


Put the older boy
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Then throw him in the wood chipper, from way down town, like Larry bird.

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I don’t care how old/young the perp is. He should just be killed already. There’s no fixing that. And kill whatever parents that brought that into being.


A lot of us were raped on the bus as kids and we turned out fine. Today’s generation is soft and needs to toughen up.


Extreme alphabet bus rides are meant to bring inclusion and diversity to children.


Not necessary, Quannell X will handle this. He is in charge of bus safety now. I’m sure he will also stand up for the 9 year old girl who was attacked.

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