$7,000 goes a long way....

Check out the new indie-flick Primer. Here;s my review:

Whoah. If you like movies like Memento and the Usual Suspects, movies that require repeat viewings in order to understand, then you'll like this flick.

The Plot: Two electrical engineers, Aaron and Abe, are working in their garage on a "device" with unspecified intent. Through pure accident, the device develops an interesting side effect: it will send objects back into time proportionally to the amount of time that the objects sit in the box. Aaron and Abe decide to have a little fun with the device and use to play with the stock market. At first, they are careful to set the ground rules for using the device, such as staying out of sight of their "doubles" who use the device hours later. After a while, rules start to be broken and things start to go to shit, as paradoxes pile on paradoxes. I'll stop here less I spoil the whole plot (which I am barely struggling to understand myself)

The Production: Overall, you can tell that this flick was made on a shoe-string budget ($7,000), but this type of movie did not need big-budget special effects. I really loved the directors use of music, and the tech-speak was great. They didn't dumb it down by having an extra-character come in and say "Whoah! Could someoone speak English here!" They weren't afraid to talk about issues in physics and Quantum Mechanics without the need of Cliff Notes. There was some good dialogue, too. My favorite quote from the movie "I'm hungry, I haven't eaten since later this afternoon."

Overall, this movie is a new cult classic, in the vein of Pi and Memento. I'm sure it will be discussed ad nauseum on the OG when everyone gets around to seeing it.

Jgibson...I will defintely check this out. It's funny, you have the exact
same name as an old friend of mine I used to skate with in Texas: John
Gibson. P-Boys rule!

SO I'm guessing no ones seen it yet, huh?

I just watched this and I'm pretty sure I only understood a little of it, lol. The ending was particularly confusing. I'm gonna wait until it comes out on DVD to watch it again, so I can have subtitles on.

Its on bittorrent now.

I'm looking forward to seeing this.

Can you tell me what site u are using for ur torrent

i wanna see this!