7-11 Slurpee Cups

Hey guys I need your help.

My 5 year old watched the 7-11 commercial with the Slurpee Cups and Straws and went ballistic for the Rey Mysterio and John Cena cups/straws. The only problem I have is that we live in Tennessee and there is not a single 7-11 here.

I will reimburse the costs of the cup and shipping. Send me a message if you can help me out.


We used have them here as well. I know that they are still in some places in Florida.

I can check my 711, which do you want?? Are there others besides those 2?

 I've got a 7-11 right by me, i'll check tomorrow.

 I'll check 7-11 tomorrow too and see if there is one.

Wow, I thought 7-11 was everywhere. They were pretty common when I lived in CA. I live in Thailand now and there are 4 within a quarter mile of my house at about 15-20 in my city.

Wow, I had no idea there were places in the world without 7-11's.

 should be getting them any day now

 I've got an Orton, Edge, and Kofi cup. Kofi is by far the nicest. 

The Lorax -  I've got an Orton, Edge, and Kofi cup. Kofi is by far the nicest. 

 See there is the Big Gulp ones which you are speaking of.  I haven't seen any of those here.

They have the four slurpee cups though.  I have 2 Cenas and a HHH.  I don't care for Ray or Undertaker.

I live in Houston and we have zero. Nearest one is Austin I believe. I've actually never been in one.

 Odd, every 7-11 in my city has both slurpee and fountain cups. I don't care for the slurpee versions, they look to childish.

 They probably do have them.  I just didn't notice or they are being phazed out by something else.

My friend and I were talking about the old days when Slurpee cups here had a coin of the Detroit Tigers on the bottom. 


 I hope this dude got them.  I sent them out over a week ago.

There are no 7-11's anywhere near here in Rockingham NC.

My son flips out when he sees Rey on the commercials when we are watching Raw. His favorite wrestlers are Big Show and Rey and it pisses him off that they aren't on Raw.

Dangerboy, I can hook you up brother!  

Thanks Art!

I'll ask him if he wants the cup when he gets back from my parents place. I can pay pal you the money.

 I can get the cup and straw as I did for this other dude who hasn't surfaced yet.  He has some old shit that I was hoping we could trade for. 

Art!!!! I haven't forgot about you. I have been out of town. I received the cups and my little guy went nuts! Much Thanks and we can work something out on a trade. PM me and we can discuss!