7/3/2020 MAGA Weekly REEEEEEEEEport! MAGA!

I haven’t loved being an American like this since Reagan was in office!!!


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Another great week. Happy 4th to all my OG brothers, even the ones who reside in other countries. Here is another list of MAGA things this week.


1. Fauci, CDC, MSM, and OG Leftists all wrong about the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine. Pres Trump proven right again

2. Husband and Wife defend home with firearms against scum rioters and looters

3. Best jobs report of all time. 4.8M jobs added for the month of June.

4. ANTIFA scum arrested for tearing down and defacing statues

5. Ghislaine Maxwell arrested on sex abuse charges

6. Hero cops plow car through BLM scum, bodies sent flying.

7. Massive 4th of July celebration planned at Mt Rushmore

8. USMCA goes into effect

9.  Russian Bounty story proven to be another hoax

10. Last but certainly not least, Donald Trump IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT!


I’m with you till #6 

I tjink the protesters deserve it 

I’m happy they got it 

I never want protesters in the street 

but I don’t think it’s a MAGA

i think they should all be arrested and booked and have to thank president trump for his prison reform bill so they can get out and work again 

They were attacking a police car, its not like they were innocent bystanders:)

I get it. 
but we are better than them. 

don’t forget that. 

they deserve it... no question

but we are better 


Bro, I legit NEED these threads to keep me grounded.

He mentioned people being hit by cars and being hurt or killed, dont you wanna be a bitch and call for mods?


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Every week..thats why its called the Weekly REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEport!