7 week summer courses, good idea?

in the interest of graduating sooner, saving $$, and reducing workload per semester

i have signed up for some summer courses, these are courses that i would be taking next semester

these are a couple of the things that make me doubt how good of a decision this is:

  1. 3 out of the 4 courses i'm taking will be 7 weeks in length, is this enough time to absorb the material and benefit from it?

they're basically cramming a whole semester into half of one, i'm worried about the pace of the lectures/assignments/tests

  1. i will get ahead by one semester if everything goes according to plan...meaning that i will have the schedule that i want for the rest of my semesters here (this schedule would allow me to graduate a year earlier)

what if they don't offer some of the courses i need, in the semester i need them? will i end up with a 2 or 3 course semester (which would screw me out of the student loans i plan on)

i would also like to get a job relevant to my field of study while i'm still in school, preferrably a co-op placement

i believe it would help me get a job after i graduate

  1. no summer job, i'm broke as hell and i won't be working, i tried the part time job + school but i just really suck at time management and that's why summer courses sound better

i am going to come out of this semester with 70's in 5 out of the 6 courses i took, i know that i could have gotten close to 90's in all of them had the workload been lighter (or maybe i was a lazy bastard?)

any advice would be appreciated


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hmm actually not true for ellipsis in this post, but you should see some of my other posts,

I try and save summer semesters for easier classes. For me, that means my "core requirement" classes like anthropology, history, english... But, for those, I've found it's a great idea, because you don't lose momentum over the summer and it frees up the fall and spring for heavier classes.

This summer, I'm taking Calc2, but that's just a refresher for me, as I took it a long time ago.

For your credits... Check if your student loans count whole years or just single semesters. My school counts "full time" by credits per year, not semester. The summer counts towards the year.

i ended up taking diff eq. for eng. , "collaborative leadership" (it sounds like a class that'll really piss me off, which makes the 1.5month semester instead of 3month seem like a really good thing), and structure & prop. of materials

i've decided that it's too much of a risk to screw around with the program map they suggest, i might run into a jam later on and have to wait another semester to finish my courses which would defeat the entire purpose of it anyway

also, i'd like to make next semester easier by getting two of the tougher(they sound like it, i'm not sure if they are) out of the way so i can concentrate on stuff like thermodynamics next semester

thanks for the advice guys

is it wise to take 2 classes during the sunmmer semester? Is one plenty enough?

I took 30 hours over 2 summers(18 1 summer and 12 the next). I enjoyed the pace. I took the easy or gen ed crap and got it over with as quick as possible.

my last exam is on saturday

i absolutely smashed the differential equations exam yesterday,

i really like the pace of a 1.5 month semester for a math course,

i have been a much better student this semester since i tend to slack as much as possible but with the amount of time i had for assignments, homework and study time for tests, there was very little slack time

i was basically forced to be a good student, unless i wanted to do horribly, and i didn't

i believe i got at least a 90% in differential equations