70's Politically Incorrect TV Shows...............

Well bees and disease to you too! Phone Post 3.0

And best of all - The Black and White Minstrel Show. I remember this as a kid, would you believe it ran til the end of the 70's.

Nexuscrawlers - Well bees and disease to you too! Phone Post 3.0


Sanford and Son was also based on another British show, Steptoe and Son.

I remember a show called Carter Country that probably falls into this category. Phone Post 3.0

Squatdog -
Oh fawlty towers is timeless Phone Post 3.0


Seekntruth - Bacon Rage, You are the Man! Thank You

One of the funniest, sexist shows was the old Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks. Those questions were sexist as hell. Great to watch now. Phone Post 3.0

pro wrestling in the late 80's was some of the most racist crap ever to air on tv.

Bizarre...the Bigot Family. Hilarious!

http://youtu.be/UXL16tdr36k Phone Post 3.0

fern wood tonight. Phone Post 3.0

did you ever watch bugs bunny, talk about politically incorrect, or even sesame street for crying out loud.

You had people making fun of Elmer Fudds stutter, the white bugs always got the best of the black duck.