72: only 4 main card fights?

That's what MMA weekly is reporting under Rumors, and the UFC website seems to agree.  What kind of madness is this?  Who does this benefit?  4 fights with a max of 15 min of fighting each (total of 1 hour of fighting) spread over 3 hours???  Insanity.

Here's the entire main card as MMA weekly is showing it:

Main Card Bouts:

-Rich Franklin (#4 Middleweight in the World)* vs. Yushin Okami

-Forrest Griffin vs. Hector Ramirez

-Tyson Griffin vs. Clay Guida

-Jason MacDonald vs. Rory Singer

the fifth is a swing bout(we always see it tho)

They will prolly show five, didn't realize Singer X Macdonald is on there. Actually would like to see it.

in the past, haven't there always been 5 plus a swing bout?  And many cards at least include a championship round with the chance of a 25 minute fight. 

is this ppv reg price?

I love how people go crazy over 4 "main fights" like those 4 are only ones we'll see. We all know we'll see atleast 6 fights. I don't know why people flip out over dumb stuff.

lol @ that card.

Dear WickedWonder,

it's encroachment that we worry about.  They used to promise 5 fights, now they only promise four.  Dana is whittling away the entertainment we get for our dollar.  Who is to say he's not working towards one big fight and 2-3 shitty undercards that nobody cares about (like boxing).  It makes me sad. 

Actually, this card is 4 guaranteed fights that nobody cares all that much about.  Even sadder.  And I'll probably buy it - saddest yet. 

it's encroachment that we worry about. They used to promise 5 fights, now they only promise four.

1) They've always only promised four. That's why the fifth is called a swing bout.

2) We saw 7 on the last show and 8 on the one before it (or maybe the one before that; I can't remember).

a swing bout

The exact problem is that Dana wants us to thank him for giving us 7 or 8 fights when we were only led to expect 4.  I think it is our God-given right to expect to see all fights on a PPV card.  Keep your standards high UG!!!