8 Man -155 lbs - one Night Tournament ($12,000 to Winner)

Premier Fighting Championship will be hosting a 8 man one night tournament on September 18th in Springfield, MA. The tournament is for 155lbs pros.

1st fight - 1 round - Pay is 1000/1000
2nd fight - 1 round - Pay is 2000/2000
3rd fight - 3 rounds - Pay is 3000/3000

Winner walks away with $12, 000 and runner -up $9000.

Any interest email: premierfightingjason@gmail.com

And don’t worry Chris and Kirik …we will be purchasing a business account next week :slight_smile:


Who the fook is this guy? Who is this bum!?

You’re an egg.


Im closer to being an egg than you are to being an mma promoter, BOZO.

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$12,000 and you only need to win 3 fights in one night?

Sweet deal.



Definitely a huge opportunity.

I don’t know how to respond to that. You win.

Thanks for the reply and keeping this alive.


Invite or bring them to the show.Kirik & Chris are in MA.


Kirik is about 20 minutes away in the Amherst area. Chris is on other side of the state.

That said, Kirik you have any amateurs for us?!?!?!

Since you are new,you can get to Kirik faster by putting a @ sign in front of his name.


*He hasn`t posted in 6 days.


I’m genuinely curious how this could work considering how the commissions are with fighter safety. The days of tournaments are long gone because regulations on how often someone can fight, medical suspensions, etc.

How many rounds are each fight?

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Thanks my Man. I forgot all about that @crowbar

Not new. Been here since 2006. This is just new account (will be business account).

Much appreciated.

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Yeah we had long meeting with commission. So basically the rules/ statute reads a fighter can not fight more than 5 rounds in a night (title fight).

So 1st two fight is 1 round and considered exhibitions. Third fight is 3 rounds. Total of five rounds.

We have precautions in place if someone is injured as well.


Have you guys worked out any streaming possibilities for this event?

Yes it will be streamed. Once I have more info
I will definitely post the info here.

Appreciate the questions @chilz


first fight is one 5 minutes round ? can u fully explain the rules and venue Is it cage ,ring ,judges etc and where is it

Yes first 2 fights are 1 round (5 minutes). They will be exhibition. Rules are same as regular MMA.

In Springfield, MA. We are the current longest running show in Massachusetts.

Invicta just did this style tournament a few weeks ago. (I know the UG doesn’t follow WMMA).

Again thanks for the question @Winston_Wolf


Professor McTowlee was being entirely sarcastic. $12,000 is a tiny amount for winning three fights in one night by UG standards. That said, I’d definitely check out the highlights assuming nobody with a name will be competing.


I will announce who is in once all eight are set. I will the top 15 in New England were invited so if they are not in they chose not to for whatever reason.

One hint: We have one fighter who has beat Giga Chikadze in Muay Thai.