8 Man -155 lbs - one Night Tournament ($12,000 to Winner)

Nobody cares who beat giga in Muay Thai.

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Cool concept as everyone loves a tournament in any format and one night just makes it that easier to follow.

Don’t follow a whole hell of a lot of MMA these days but might check it out, best of luck regardless


Much appreciated.

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Cool idea.


Dude! I am so there! Congrats on getting tourney approval. Ticket info? Need any help?


paging @Sean_Flanery

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Hope theres no Crav Magoo

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I saw The Flanery do this (3 fites) for $500

yall gonna tell me how his pee pee taste after this


Paging @DanTheWolfman

Can you cut to 156 by this date bruv or you in da same position as Van Zant when it comes to dis tourney?

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Why the fuck would you summon that blowjob? It’s like saying Beetlejuice three times. We don’t need some Jackass here accusing chestnuts of being lazy or claiming he taught Vonflue the Vonflue choke


I think he taught him how to make some kick arse drinks too if I remember correctly.

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Joe Schilling might need a job of beating up little dudes.


Good luck, and make sure to bump with results.

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Ticket info should be out soon and I will pass along.

Are you in the area?

I definitely will. Thanks

September 18th in Springfield, MA

The fights will be streamed.

Thank you.

Providence and thanks I’ll be on the lookout.

Hespect for giving the opportunity to folks, fuck the haters.

November 20th