8 Man -155 lbs - one Night Tournament ($12,000 to Winner)


What venue in Spfld?

Plz fly out Charlie Zelenoff, he’d be a huge draw.

This would be fun

He might be Greeeeeeasy, but the Wolf-Man’s years of contribution to the UG is over 2 decades of Energy, Hard-work, tireless dedication, and a wealth of talent that keeps on growing. His Success is an American dream come true.

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Put your name in Drew. It will be fun.

You need another trip to Massachusetts. You had a big win last time in the State.

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2 decades of our eyes bleeding from reading the incessant bullshit, but if you love the guy I wish you both happiness

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Best of luck, I will be watching

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Appreciate it brother but my fighting days are far behind me . Good luck on the show though


I was just Messing around,the point is you have countless members on here who post year after year of crap but feel entitled due to there sign-up date. Bringbackheadbutts defends these loons to the grave.


Oh he’s a big hairy American winning machine living the dream no doubt, but he hasn’t weighed 155 since the 1980’s.

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MassMutaul Center

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Nice…in for updates

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Sounds like a good time. If you get a 135 and 145 tournament going, I know a guy or two that would be interested. Inbox me if 135/145 is happening

We will be hosting tournaments moving forward. Most likely, every other show due to the cost.

We will determine the next weight class tournament based off excitement in that weight class.

Our next tournament will be in February and most likely be 185lbs class.