8 Weeks Off Work TME


I recently broke my ankle and received surgery on the bastard. I will be off my feet for 8 weeks. Any ideas of things to do or helpful tips for me?

Cheers Phone Post 3.0

Jerk off 8 hours a day. Phone Post 3.0

Read Phone Post 3.0

Poleeko - Perfect time to start Skyrim or ESO. Phone Post 3.0
Yeah man, time to start gaming.

Also, My Free Cams. Phone Post 3.0

Oh, and Duolingo. Phone Post 3.0

Witcher 3. Read the mistborn trilogy. Watch game of thrones front to back. Phone Post 3.0

Gaming and painkillers. And good movies. That was the 6 weeks for my shoulder surgery. I got cabin fever like crazy but now im wishing i had the time off again lol. Point is enjoy it. Phone Post 3.0

Having had several surgery related layoffs ;
I do all that nerdy/corny shit that sucks to do when busy with work.
I re-organized everything I own, fixed all the broken shit, wrote 44 emails to old friends, re-checked all my receipts and accounts.
I basically got all the dumb little shit in life squared away. It felt dumb while doing it, but once I went back to work, things just felt smoother.
Or I just have OCD Phone Post 3.0