80 yr-old female 3rd degree TKD BB

Saw a short feature on the news last night about an 80 year-old woman who is a 3rd degree black belt in TKD. She's getting her 4th degree next year. Can't remember the exact name of the school, think it was Cho College in Edmonton I believe?

Her technique was sloppy though, I'm confident I would beat the shit out of her.

Seriously though, it's amazing and I think people like the Gracies, Pat Miletich, Shammers, et al will be the same way, still very active and fit at that age.

I am overjoyed when I see old people doing ANYTHING other than sitting in a chair waiting to die. Hats off to Granny.

And yes, almost everybody could beat the shit out of her, but thats not the point.

i love oddball tma blackbelts

Who would win - her or Willie Nelson?

Granny by armbar, round 1.

I watched my father in law decline over 2 years until he was at the point where he couldn't sit up in his wheelchair.

Hats off to granny. I hope to be doing the same when I'm 80+.

The longer I live the more I'm convinced that in order to stay active you've got to be active.


It's nice to see an elderly person that is active.

I'm sure she is just proud of her achievements and like mentioned above is quite happy to be alive and kicking... literally.  I doubt she is concerned about whether or not she can beat the shit out of someone. 

Good for her.

Also, this story is much better than hearing the opposite.  For example, the thread from last week that was about Dr. 90210 using his "Black Belt TKD" skills to subdue an 80 year old man on a plane.