808 fight factory 3-0 @ superbrawl

So far 808 is going 3-0 with Jhun soon to fight and Sarimento who is fighting in the finals of the tournament..


Kolo Koka wins

Pulver vs Yagin kickboxing starting..

Yagin beats Pulver in Kickboxing ref stoppage his cut reopened in rd 2

It was kick boxing, and it was a no contest...no decision in exhibition's. It was a cut over yagins eye.

I heard pulvers eye was cut

well i don't know it was passed on to me. I just trying to keep everyone inform

you are right, my bad

Good luck to Ron and Harris for their fights and congradulations to the ones who already won.


torunament finals starting..Sarimento Vs Koka

keep us informed I want to know how Harris beats Koka. I cant wait to get back to the islands and train with you guys again.



ttt! Did Menne fight yet or is that the last match?



Wassap mybradda!... keep us updated.

Koka Vs. Sariemento

thoughts of a guy that freinds and trains with two guys.

He gives sarimento the edge rd 1 both had takedowns but Sarimento looked more active. Skil level he said they look equal.

Round 2 starts.

Round 2

He said Sarimento totally dominated the round even mounted Koka and was punching until time stopped the fight

Round 3 starting

Round 3 pretty much like 2 I was talking to my freind and they said Sarimento had the mount again almost knocking out Koka in the 2nd to add..

Sarimento from 808 Fight Factory winner of the 155lbs tournament!!!!!!!

808 4 fights 4-0(2 by Sarimento)

Jhun fight to start fighters walking in...