80's series Darkroom. Where can I find it?

I loved this short run series when it was out and still remember a few of the episodes clearly. I looked pretty hard to find out where I can see it again but no luck.
Where can I find it?

Torrents? Newsgroups?

I’ll peek later.

VPN+tpb (pirate bay). Must be out there. Search w title and year, think it should be findable.

I think I remember that one. Didn’t some army men toys come alive and kill a kid’s dad…?

That was one of them. He suited up and fought them for awhile. They ended up firing off a nuke that destroyed the whole building.

There was another great episode called “The Guillotine”.

I’ve never done torrents and am a total noob at that kind of stuff. I haven’t tried since the Napster days.