88-year old Badass charges Baseball mound


This dude is badass...he drinks and if you throw the heat high and tight he is coming for that ass

He tried nigga damn

Pitcher is lucky the umpire reacted so quickly. Phone Post 3.0

88 yr old rushing the mound WITH the bat, too cool.

Yeah, well Joe Pepitone or not. I own the inside of that plate. So I throw one inside, you know a little chin music, put him right on his pants. Cause I gotta intimidate when I'm on the mound. Well next pitch he's right back in the same place. So, I had to plunk him.

You plunked him?

Oh yeah. Well he throws down his bat, he comes racing up to the mound. Next thing both benches are cleared, you know? A brouhaha breaks out between the guys in the camp and the old Yankee players, and as I'm trying to get Moose Skowron off of one of my teammates , you know, somebody pulls me from behind, you know, and I turned around and popped him. I looked down, and whoa man, it's Mickey. I punched his lights out.