880sq ft Swain Mats 4 Sale in NJ $1950 Off Retail

**Grappling Mats For Sale - Read Below and Share Please**

- Located in East Brunswick, NJ
- Swain Flexi Roll
- Smooth Surface
- Navy Blue
- Great Condition
- Approximately 37ft x 24ft (4 Rolls) - 880+ Sq Ft.
- Cost = $2750 (They are $4700+ from Swain Mats with shipping) = So save $1950+
- Pick Up Only (I will not deliver them)
- Please private message me on FB or email me at jasculs@gmail.com
- These are very good mats at a decent discount of the retail price. Only a couple years old.
- First buyer gets them.

Thanks for your possible interest

Jason Scully

ttt Phone Post 3.0

Somebody grab this!

Kirik -

Somebody grab this!

Thanks Kirik.

Also these are good for a small gym or extra mat space for a growing gym.

They are about 24ft x 37ft Phone Post 3.0

Man I wish I had the money and a way to transport them. Looks like an awesome deal. Phone Post 3.0

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Any pics? They are not showing up on my phone maybe? Phone Post 3.0

Check now, should show a pic in the first post.  They are in very good condition

ttt. Have someone looking at the mats today...first come first serve Phone Post 3.0


Great deal if you are in the area, everyone knows how much good mats cost!

Can someone buy this so I can live vicariously through them? Thanks fellas. Phone Post 3.0

I may have someone who wants to buy half if these mats. Anyone else interested in the other half? It's about 440sq feet for half

Also just got a call from someone interested in all of them but he needs to check with his business partner to see if the color is good for their gym. Phone Post 3.0