9/11 conspiracy theorists proven wrong again lol

Lol for years 9/11 conspiracy theory idiots told me over and over and over again and again that buildings cannot fall at free fall speed. Well the unfortunate disaster in Miami has proven them wrong. But as usual they’ll never admit when they’re wrong sadly

That building fell fast as fuck. And as for the twin towers they both fell at the point of impact from the planes. AS EXPECTED.

Conspiracy = dead

Case closed

Maybe Miami was an inside demolition job, too

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6/24 was an inside job!

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I had the same thoughts man.
Unfortunately someone will mention that mcafee fella, and say it was a controlled demolition as well.

The owner of the building was over heard yelling “Pull it” which is a common term used to take down a building using controlled demolition. I think the full quote was something like, “Pull it. It’s not going to pull itself. Do you really want this promotion or not?”


The thing that sucks about the 9/11 conspiracy guys is that they just make the most retarded arguments.

“Look, see this supposed ‘plane’ wreckage here? It’s actually HELICOPTER parts that they planted instead! BUSTED!!!”

Yeah okay bro. A bunch of highly intelligent and manipulative deep state insiders planned to fake this massive event and at the very last minute someone said “Uh oh, we forgot to get the plane parts”, and another guy chimed in “QUICK! SOMEONE! GET SOME CHOPPER PARTS, SOMETHING, ANYTHING, WE NEED THEM NOW!”

Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Way to crack the case, Sherlock.

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Sounds like with a few more parties identified this will be air tight.