9/11 is Chauvin hearing

Watching this that aired last night on Court TV it seems likely the charges will be dismissed. Standby for the burning of even more cities!


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It’s just Democrat ran shitholes though. Nobody cares about them.

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The difference here will be the suspect repeatedly said he couldn’t breathe and appeared to be having a medical episode. I remember the first video had an off-duty EMT yelling at the police officer saying, “I work with you all, come on, he can’t breathe.”

So that might be something that is taught, but there should also be some attention given to a suspect that is in clear duress. Even in the full-video you could see Floyd wasn’t “right.” So, the officer had seen enough red-flags to suggest Floyd was actually struggling and possibly unwell.

Medical examiners will be a total wash. Both will have “experts” that will say different things. Ultimately, it was up to the officer to ensure he wasn’t contributing to the suspect’s death, after several minutes of, I CAN’T BREATHE…he should have adjusted.

Manslaughter is probable…cities will still burn.

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