9% of teens admit using fake accounts to insult themselves



“American teens”


without reading it i’m struggling for the why? smollet style? ah i’m getting it. victim olympics.


Some of them probably also do it so someone will come to their rescue against the “attacker.”

Would be hilarious if someone came along and agreed with the fake insult and said “You’re right. That bitch do got some big ass teeth!”


can you imagine the recorded shame of your youth if we had grown up on social media? fuck i use to write girls love poems. i for sure would have sent those online. i’m feeling deep shame about it even mentioning it.


Yeah it would’ve been bad. Really bad.


Did it get you action?

If so, shine on you crazy diamond.

I knew a guy in the 80’s who grew up from a teen to be a flaming romo but his sensitivity got him tons of action as a teen before he came out.

Not hatin’ on that player.


Some studies have found that virtually all women who got HIV in the 1980s were infected by men who got it from other men

Still 60% better than Twitter… that’s not even OG numbers yet!

I read yesterday that when Elon takes over hes firing 75% of the staff.

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It’s prob double that

Dammit, now you all know that me and my alts are a teenager

Dumbass kids can’t get it right … I use fake accounts to insult others.

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Yeah, I agree with this.
Besides, let’s be honest - writing love poems isn’t that much worse (if at all) than making mix tapes for a girl.
And how many people did that shit back in the day?

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I had to record mine from the radio we had one RnB station that played for 2 hours per week growing up here

Miss those days

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Hes going to hire 50% back and fire them again?

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Rookie numbers. On the OG its 90%

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I really believe social media will lead to the breakdown of society.



Social media is a good thing

You no longer have to wonder who the dumb fucks are.

They out themselves repeatedly

Indeed they do…