9 Round fitness

Any try this place? Basically a "boxing" workout without the actual boxing. Purely to get in shape using boxing stuff.

Of course it's not to be used to become an UG badass, but how about for a fun challenging workout?

we're dana to help a brother out!

I visited the one in Knoxville a few times last year while I was down there. It was a demanding circuit workout that included nine, 3-minute stations. We had a minute of active rest in between stations.

I found it convenient, because I could show up and begin the workout whenever I wanted. If a station was occupied, we just started on another open station. Overall, I liked the place... offered a good change to my routine.

Have you tried it?

I've been tempted. They probably have the first session free to try out I'd imagine Phone Post 3.0

have not..just saw it opened near to where I am moving to.

Looking for different ways to workout. Weights bore me, so looking for different challenges maybe like this.

Thanks for the info Sort891

You're welcome...

I would definitely still be going if I had one near me.

Keep us posted! Phone Post 3.0

Boxing workouts are great but kickboxing workouts are even better. Try this one for free:

Get fit with Extreme Kickboxing Workout!

^ Use code: OGFriends to get it free. You do each of the Drills back to back (20 jabs, 20 cross, combo, 20 hooks, etc), and then Lesson 25 is the "Master Drill" which you do a massive combination of all 8 strikes 20 times.