9 yr old chokes pitbull = Fedor chokes a lion?

There has been speculation here before about humans versus large animals, and I think most of us believe the human would get mauled in most cases BUT if a damn 9 year old can choke out a pitbull then Fedor definitely has a chance to mata leo a lion.

p.s. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near an attacking pitbull.

I once gogoplata a ox.

this is serious stuff here. you can't gogo an ox!

moved!!!! bitches...

That kid better watch his back.

Pitbulls don't forget!


Man chokes cougar.

Fedor could probably handle a lion seeing as hes a robot.


Problem with choking a lion is their mane. It protects against bites, which is why Lions win against Tigers, Ligers and Tyons - they have the biggest mane, therefore the best protection against getting their neck bitten. I'd putt a bite from a large cat over a choke from a human.