90 Day Fiance

Mike did it.

Jovi’s wedding was awesome. We got up to the point where they were doing the baby reveal and turned it off because we were falling asleep.

I wonder if Jovi really couldn’t get back into the country. He was gone for what, 3-4 months?

Probably could come back and just wanted to stay where was at and party, while blaming covid for being stuck a couple of months.

Stephanie is a complete lunatic. I almost feel bad watching her and laughing at what a train wreck she is.

Does that mean I would put my dick in a baboons asshole?

Was that ever a question?!? :joy:

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Tell all to night!

What time

It’s on now east coast time

“I won’t let him control new ever again”

But also “I won’t be there unless he cannot talk to me or see me”

He’s creepy and gross, but you can’t say he’s not controlling your actions right now.


I think mike and what’s his name with the French chick are both shitbags. Psychological torture on those chicks

I love what’s her name who was the Go go dancer in Russia sticking up for Jovi going to the strip club. And telling what’s her name she doesn’t need surgery she needs to go to the ‘gym club’

I don’t get what the greasy guy has done that’s so bad or “controlling?” Trying to convince his fiance to come to be with him? Asking her to give an answer if she’s open to kids in the future?