90 Day Fiance

Then there the fat chick married to asshole South African who wants her daddy to cosponsor him, knowing he’s a total loser.

I wondered if I was the only one who noticed Jovi’s mama looks like she was probably pretty hot when younger.

Pretty clear Ronald doesn’t want to leave South Africa so he’s going to mess up the interview. He was a complete jackass on the zoom call with the lawyer.

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So I had to check what the cut off was where you would need a co-sponsor

It was like 24,000 a year or something like that


Oh, and I think Libby’s family are working scripted reality

But now whenever a check comes at dinner, or a bill in the Mail I tell my wife ‘chuck will pay’


Yes they are pushing for their own show like Family Chantal. It’s too forced and over the top. Sister asks Libby to watch kid so she can attack Andrei and doesn’t mention anything to Libby, makes no sense.

Forgot about the South African affair. Again, relying on family support. Yes, I said the same thing to my wife about the amount needed for a sponsor. It is ridiculously low. Embarrassing she had to ask her dad for support. Same as Kalini. Show is full of people mooching off family and with little to offer on their own.

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The girl married to Ronald is a part time makeup artist / stylist and vlogger, she’s leeching off the family and public assistance.

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She obviously has a history of bad decisions. These include all the Ronald related decisions.

My wife said exactly this the other night.

what the heck are you all talking about? Is there a new season I’m missing?

Whatever happened to Paul that weird creepy guy who is an arsonist ?

Or that Colombian/Brazilian chick that married some gay boy and had a kid , are they still together ?

Or how about that guy who looked like a trany who went to Brazil and was dating some hot Brazilian , and she wanted to bang and he wouldn’t show interest ?

Is not the regular show, called Happily Every After and follows up on married couples from previous shows. It also has a Pillow Talk follow up show with David and Annie, Tim and Veronica, Alexie and Lauren and the Kenny and Armando (who replaced the bi chick who went to Australia and her mother after a couple of episodes).

Was that guy on the double date with Brandon and Julia not Elliot page? If he weren’t so androgynous looking Julia probably would have channeled her jeolousy in to flirting with him. Also Brandon looks like the alien from the end of close encounters of the third kind

Big Mike is completely void of personality or motivation and his mom has 80s jobber hair


Her want to be vedding planner. Him knows that if she gets her own income she’s out of there and leaving his zilch ass at the farm with his parents. Have you seen her ex? He’s a jacked eastern euro stud

Paul and karine are making amateur porn, I saw some pics on r/90baresall. Not for me.

They’re all on onlyfans. Libby even has a horrible unsexy photo with a tampon string hanging out

I don’t know how anyone could find Libby and her droopy dog jowls hot enough to pay money to see her photos

That Avery chick who was with the Australian guy is hot though

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Paola and Russ still together and actually look happy


Ugly pussy unfortunately